Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions (A month or so late but who's counting)

I'm gonna start this post off and just come out and say it...I realize it's February and I'm just now posting new years resolutions but 1.) Forgive me cause I'm lazy, and 2.) It's a good excuse for a blog post right?? Also, my friend sent me this and it re-inspired me to write this post even though I'm a month late:
Yolo right?...I've gotta stop saying that so much. ..But not enough to put it in my new years resolutions cause yolo, I kind of like it.

So, without further ado, here are my top ten New Year's Resolutions for no particular order:

1.) First and foremost, I resolve to not drink less wine

2.) Secondly, eat less cheese and bread to make up for the not drinking less wine

3.) Blog more

4.) Stop biting my nails...but only in front of Nate so I don't get yelled at

5.) I'm committing to washing my face better this year so as to avoid getting face wash in my eyes so often. Face wash gets in my eyes at least once a week you guys and I don't get it. Am I not good at washing my face? Am I doing it wrong? Using the wrong technique? Am I not being careful enough? Whatever it is, it really burns and I'm tired of it. I need to be better at washing my face.

6.) This year I resolve to being a more aggressive driver. If you drive on the 60 in the far right lanes that you know are ending, just to cut everybody off and get ahead...I hate you. I mean, I don't hate you I'm being dramatic, but I really don't like that and I'm not letting it happen anymore MMK?? So cut the shit, I won't let you over.

7.) Be less afraid of bees

8.) Make more money so that Nate can be a stay-at-home husband. .....he told me just right now to write that...

9.) Learn the actual words to a Sia song. Does anyone really know what she's saying?

10.) Lastly, in 2016 I resolve to take back my spot on the bed. For some reason Gunther thinks that spot somehow belongs to him but dammit, that's my spot and I want it back

Happy new (and slightly already used) year friends!

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Catch-up Post

I'm a little embarrassed because when I sent out Christmas cards this year I was like, "oh if you want to keep up with us throughout the year check out my blog!"...but really when I said "keep up with" clearly it only meant semi-annually (I'm being dramatic, but still) because as I look at when my last post was, it was all the way back before Thanksgiving. Oops. But I mean, the holidays come and you get so busy, and then the holidays leave and you get so lazy...or maybe that's just me, I dunno. But either way, here I am to dust off this 'ol blog and catch it up.

Thanksgiving was good this year, except there was no Nate because he had to work and be cop and all that it was just myself and Maycee and Gunther representing the Townsends at Thanksgiving:

After Thanksgiving was also good because for Black Friday my parents and I decided to head up north and go for a day hike. We crossed the creek a few times, found tons of huge Cottonwood leaves, and all the walking helped aid digestion as we were all still so full from Thanksgiving (it's actually pretty incredible how much food a person can eat in one day).

I said "Dad you're in my picture can you scoot over please" and this was what I got:
I also told him he should't wear that hat anymore because it makes him look Russian and because, communism. And this is America. 

Then it was time to celebrate Christmas. We got our Christmas pictures taken, which I'm subsequently obsessed with, by my dear friend Jennica at Amaes Photography:
We picked up our tree:
Then once we got it home Nate threw these on it and said "There it's decorated. Don't ever say I'm not festive."
Ok Nate.

We Christmas Eve'd by drinking Christmas-y cocktails and playing Christmas charades/Pictionary/name that tune with the family....Nate still working:

Opened presents Christmas morning...before Nate went into work in the afternoon (literally worst schedule ever). Gunther helped:

Later Christmas day I made the best decision I've made yet, by getting my parents on Snapchat. Now I get selfies of my mom, endless pictures of slippers snuggled underneath blankets, and snaps of my dad's shoes wherever he may happen to be at the moment (foot on the desk at work, foot on the floor in a restaurant for lunch, foot on floor in office, etc. etc.). Seriously it's the best and I'm not even being sarcastic. Please, get your parents on Snapchat.

After Christmas came New Years, and then after New Years came January 2nd (duh right?) and with that came the Cactus Bowl and I went with my sister and her BF and my dad to watch ASU play at Chase Field.
I was SO EXCITED because for Christmas Nate got me the throw back Pat Tillman jersey I'd been wanting for so long and this was the perfect place to break it in.
As the game progressed my dad kept pointing out people's hats and jackets and ASU gear and he's like, "I think I need to update my ASU stuff." I'm like yeahhhhh, because you're wearing the shirt I got you for Father's Day back when I was still in undergrad. YOLO though, I like that he still sports it.

So then after January 2nd comes other days after January 2nd (duh right?) in which one of my BFFs finally moved home from Montana...hallelujah!
She got engaged while in Montana and once she came back home we didn't waste time doing wedding-y things. For example, the bridal expo:
The whole time we were there vendors kept asking, "So are you guys the bridal party?!" And we'd look at Brianna and be like, "Welllllllll we haven't officially been asked yet but..." So then later after the expo we were officially asked and we laughed and laughed and drank our mini bottles of wine right there on the spot.

And then one of my other BFF's in the whole wide world Charlene, finally got engaged and so we celebrated her and Colin this week and the wedding planning is already underway!
So if you're counting that means two weddings this year I get to help plan and do wedding-y things and go to bachelorette parties and wedding showers and drink lots of mimosas and I'm really excited about it. A good time will be had by all, surely.

So, to conclude this catch-up of all catch-up posts: Thanksgiving was good, Christmas was good, Nate worked literally every single holiday this year but yolo it'll get better, go Devils, yay weddings, and while my east coast friends are buried under feet of snow we're out here in AZ on top of mountains soaking up the sunshine:
Can't complain. 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Things I'm Thankful For

Alright friends, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that's time to write about things I'm thankful for. It's what everyone else does and I want to be cool like everyone else, but mostly because it's an easy blog post idea and I'm really low on those lately so I figured I should just do the dang thing.

Things I'm Thankful For

1.) I'm thankful that I can be open with my husband, about having a boyfriend. Nate is really understanding about how much love I have for Paul Goldschmidt. Sometimes, when we're at a game together to watch him play and they announce him as he comes up to bat Nate's like, "Rissa look, your boyfriend's up." Like thanks, Nate; I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention. One time he even bought me a photo of Paul to show how much he really understands:

They both sit next to each other on my desk at home and they never fight and it's a wonderful thing.

2.) I'm thankful for Twitter because that's how I learn things. Like when someone goes HAM, for example (that stands for "hard as a mother f***er), or even GOAT (that stands for "greatest of all time." Literally, never knew that until last week).

3.) I'm thankful for emojis because really, how else can you so accurately portray an emotional reaction via text. You can't. Emojis can. Emojis for President 2015.

4.) I'm thankful for wine cause, duh

5.) I'm thankful for autocorrect because sometimes it changes "Nate" to "hate" and it always makes me laugh a little. I like to laugh a little.

6.) I'm thankful that sometimes when I type something in the Google search bar, it auto populates the rest of what I was going to type. Like, it makes me feel less alone in life you know? Like oh good, I'm not the only one who's Googled "Donald Trump corn on the cob hair."

7.) I'm thankful for Gunther because without him I would never have any snuggle time. Cause no one else in this house snuggles with me. ...yes, you read that right. But Gunther, man he's thee best snuggler. Thanks for loving me, Gunther.

8.) I'm thankful for candles and Scentsy's and Glade plug-ins because without them my house would permanently smell like dog.

9.) I'm thankful for Youtube because where else can I find endless videos of screaming goats, puppies playing with babies, and bad lip readings while simultaneously procrastinating my life away?? Thanks Youtube. I mean it.

10.) Lastly, I'm thankful for my life cause hello - when you're a human you get to eat mac and cheese and drink wine and snuggle with dogs and write blog posts and stuff. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ode to Rock out With Your Emoji Out

I've often mentioned how my favorite thing about the blogging community is meeting new people. Not in like, a creepy way of course, but the kind of way where you find awesome girlfriends that become life long friends. This happened to me about a year and a half ago when I met Kailey and Brianna.

Since we met in real life in April of 2014, we've spent time not only hanging out in the real world, and in blog world, but also in this other world called Rock Out With Your Emoji Out (herein after referred to as, ROWYEO). It's our group text convo and literally, that's what we named it. Ever since we met in real life we text message all day erry day. I tried explaining that to Nate one night and he couldn't understand it. He goes, "Why do you text about stuff all day like that? That's exhausting.", I tell ya.

So, I've decided to give you a glimpse into the world of ROWYEO and share some screen shots of actual conversations that Kailey and Brianna and I have on a daily basis. Cause sometimes you just can't make this stuff up.


I think sometimes (read: all the time) I think I'm funnier than other people think I am. Which is fine...
Thanks, guys.

Sometimes, we have real heart-to-hearts about pets. Pets are people too.

Sometimes we drink together on weeknights, cause why not?

We sometimes give each other valuable career advice,

Other times, it's guidance on how to effectively manage our time.

This one began with, "You guys wanna hear how lazy I am?"

However I would say the majority of our text messages are about what we should eat for various meals throughout the day, and making healthy choices:
Common theme: wine and mac and cheese. I'm a simple girl, really. 

Sometimes we swap life stories, cause that's what relationship building is all about, right?
Life stories, and then also some life hacks. Some tips and tricks, if you will:

I went ham on all these screen shots didn't I (see what I did there)? Don't ask me why I have all of these...I don't have a good answer other than maybe one day I thought I'd put them into a book or something and it'd make for a cute Christmas present...but then I realized we talk wayyyy too much shiz and 80% of our conversations I wouldn't want published in a hard copy anywhere. Ever.

Love them.

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